Batch running ALA for analysis

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Batch running ALA for analysis

Post by jlepore » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:32 pm

I have been trying unsucessfully to get ALA to run through the scheduler in W2k3, as well as just running the batch file from the SQL Server scheduler (that works for everything else). The batch file simply does a CD to the directory that the ALA binary is in and then does the ala.exe -analyze:all -exit thing as copied from your docs. It works great if I run it from a dos window from an interactive session, but will not run through either of these processes. Is there a way to tell it there is no UI available and just run without trying to create a window? How else can I do this.

I too had to purchase it since the "30 days" expired 2 days after the install when the clock rolled around to August! (Might want to fix that!)

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Post by Abacre » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:32 pm

In command line mode ALA always creates a UI Window. 6 years ALA was
started as a pure console program. But after one year we stopped
development of console program as started development of Windows only
program. Since then no one asked us about "pure console mode" without UI window until you asked.

So the answer is no: it's not possible to configure ALA start without
UI Window.

Our usual motto: we implement 99% of users feature requests. But
in your feature request is really rare. A lot of users are asking
about support of ODBC access, more in dept visitors reports. So we
should implement these requests that shift your request far away.

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