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Requests for Next Version

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:28 pm
by dsfrank
Hi....color me a largely satisfied user of Advanced Log Analyzer-

Three little tweaks I'd appreciate
1) ability to easily drop words like "and" "the" "or" etc from common search terms
2) In the last visitors path, the ability to limit the width of the screen. some of the search paths are so long that the window expands beyond the normal width of the screen, with the result that you can't see how long someone spent on a page without scrolling so far to the right you can't see what page they were on anymore.
3) Special for AOL. Tracking AOL visitor paths is a real pain because they keep changing URLs. Could you set up an option to treat page requests from an AOL source with the same last 3 digits (4 th field) in the URL to be the same person/session so they look normally grouped?

And at the end a question. I look at a lot of visitor paths and there is simply no way to get from A to C without going through B. I don't think ALA is leaving things out, I suspect the problem is upstream from some of the logs I have taken apart by hand. What do you know about the accuracy and completeness of log files in general?