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Post by spackmeier » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:09 am

I have 2 sites and I have a schedule.

The setting in the main pannel of schedule are:
Site - the interessed site selected (i have a schedule for every site)
Action - analyse and Send reports by E-mail
Priod: Month
Time: 08.55 (the xxx site in the first schedule) and 9.10 (the yyy site in the second schedule)
Day: 1

Now i have in the main windows: site (site) - Every 1 of each month at 09.10 (period) - 06-09-2005 00.00 (last time).

The log analyzer is always open but analyse and send log to email every day at 00.00. I have only 2 tasks in the schedule (one for site).
I try to delete all and set up the parameters in the schedule...but nothing are change...

I have uninstall the programm but nothing...

Thanks for all help!

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