No (incremet) analyse is possible ...

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No (incremet) analyse is possible ...

Post by slac » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:05 am


I tried to analyse my IIS5 Logfile, but I had to abandon this attempt because after I was waiting some days, I had to break this analyse.

I have a monthly logfile (about 300 MB) let it run over the last weekend, yesterday I had to stop it.

Today I tried some other possibilities but what I get all the time the pc hangs.

So I tried the incremet analyse - first 9 days then next 9 days - the same problem! And - no more output?? Where are the first 9 days it was a incremet analyse???

Perhaps someone could let me know what did I wrong and how I have to setup my IIS-Log that this analyser can read to logfile without problems.

Thank you very much in advance for Tipps and Information!
kind regards

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Post by Abacre » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:53 pm


Normally analysis of 300MB log file takes about 2-3 minutes.
What do you mean by "I was waiting some days"?
We have one issue when the program hangs up on SOME log files.
We already have one sample and we are going to fix the issue this
But you may also provide us a sample log file: please zip it using
WinZip, for example, and send us by email to or
provide a link on ftp or http server where we can download it.

We also use IIS5 and our files about 1.5GB monthly. So the program
works fine without any problems.

log format recognition. It would be nice if you could send use just
first few lines of your log file with headers. But, normally, ALA
recognizes IIS log files fine.
Kind regards,
Abacre Limited

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Post by slac » Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:13 am

Hi Roman,

What I meant was, I started the analysis on friday evening and on monday when I was back in the office I saw a white screen - the task-manager said 99% cpu was in use only for ala!!

Some issues I found out in 3 minutes:

a) If I use the option "Incremental analysis" and I started the first analysis over some days, after this I started another analysis for one more day, the result is just the last day. I can just see in the reports the last analysis?
What about the first analysis? How can I see them? Or how can I see all the days a did analyse?

b) If I click the result button on the left side in the application and then the "home"-link in the middle, I duplicate the navigationbar on the left side for each click?? (It's the same issue in the application or if I use the internet explorer)

c) If I just want to see one day, I started an analysis over one day. That means I use the "Show advanced options" from the "Main" menu and ckeck "between" then I pick up the date I want. E.g. for one day: "09.03.2005 and 09.03.2005". If I use this, I get no results - regardless of which day I use.

Do you have some tipps for me regading these issues?

Thank you very much in advance...
kind regards

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