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Room Sharer option not available

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:26 pm
by Soyye

We have downloaded Abacre Hotel Management system and we would like to know whether following options can be included.

1. Reservations: As some clients book on room sharing basis, we need to have "sharer" option under the same reservation number and check-in separately under the same room number as well. These are important given the state laws and regulations which stipulates details to be of the each client be entered separately for taxation purposes.

2. We have a in-house restaurant where "locals" as well as "guests" dine. However, taxes are different, for in-house guests meals are subjected to "TGST - Tourism Goods & Service Tax" and for locals who dine at the restaurant are subjected to "GST - Goods & Service Tax". I would like to know whether taxes can be applied to the bills separately when we choose Client Types In-House Guests and Locals?

This software is easy to use, however few options are necessary.

Your earliest response will be highly appreciated as we are gearing up to open the hotel on 1st of Oct.

Many thanks