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Receipt Quantity and Price

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:51 am
by kat_cita
Not all grocery are the same, but in general many do require the receipt to show the price for say 10 items and the price each. As an example the receipt will show Brown sugar 1 with a price of 36.00
If the same example shows Brown Sugar 7 it will show of course the price of 252.00.
This is fine for many who use the software, but customers want to look at the receipt and be able to see the price of the individual item when doing a quick check of the receipt.
There seems no means to be able to show Brown Sugar 7x 36.00 252.00.
Within grocery many customers simply do not like this lacking feature, because they like to often check the price before leaving the store or while sat in the car park though the software is really nice I see no option within the receipt setup syntax to show this