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some problems I encountered..

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:58 am
by sameolg616
Hello,I'm trying out your are some observations that can be improved on.
1.NO CHIT NO ENTRY..unlike the restaurant version,chit no is no included
2.QUICK SEARCH on ORDER quickbooks,the search for item column is included on the order page for quick referencing.yours is included 'only' where u enter new this region where I live,most,if not all products don't have BARCODES printed on u have to manually enter it.
3.PRINTING PARAMETERS for bill configuration..when u check 'SHOW CATEGORIES',the printout out is quite confusing.I tink it should look more like this:
BURBERRY PERFUmES (cat name) 2(total Qty for cat)
Burberry brit. 1. $40
Burberry touch. 1. $30
Ysl opium. 1. $20
Ysl Elle. 1. $35
4..MAX LENGTH For ITEM DESCRIPTION in PRiNTOUt SHOULD. BE permanently defined...from my prior programming experience,I'm aware u can 'format' the output of a print out egusing the above format, I'd say PRINT tab(2)itemname$;Tab(17)qty;tab(22)subtotal;
It would mean,I allocated only 15 spaces for item description from character 1(ie no matter the length of item description,only 15 characters can be displayed in the printout).I know u may try to argue that I shd use 'alternative printing mode',it almost works but the length of item description affects the alignment of QTY.
5..Unlike quickbooks,you can also include receipt templates where users can choose from a variety of templates for receipt printout