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How to put Physical Inventory in Correctly

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:42 pm
by donnaosburn
Version 2.x Standard
I am confused as to how to correctly add inventory to the system.

1) I go to configuration - items and correctly fill in all the information about the item
2) I go to receive vouchers and "add" how many U have of each item
3) I close the recieve voucher
4) I check the physical inventory report and none of the items show up. But the items are available for "sale"

What step am i missing?

Also, where do i put in what i paid for the item? If i put it in the receive vouchers module, i get a stack overflow and the program closes.

I'm sure i'm just missing a simple step. But we have "put in" inventory 3 different times, and still can't get it to show up on our physical inventory report. But the items are available for sale.