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Cost Question

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:40 pm
by simpson28
Hello, I have purchased a small bar and grill that is using your software and am having trouble getting the cost/profit margine to calculate correctly. I followed the directions in the below post for inventory control and that is working very well, however when I enter the cost of the bottle or keg on the purchase side, it assigns that bottle or keg cost to a glass. I sell 10oz 16oz and 60 oz pitchers of beer. How can I work around this?

Many customers asked us about it in private emails. So we explain about 1.Inventory question here.

Go to menu Configuration - Menu Items.

Create new item:
"Absolute Vodka 100cl bottle"
Go to Inventory tab for this item.
check the options:
"Is Sale Item"
"Is Purchase Item"
"Is Stock Item"

Now create new item:
"Absolute Vodka glass"
Go to Inventory tab for this item.
check "Is Sale Item"
uncheck "Is Purchase Item"
uncheck "Is Stock Item"
Go to Ingredients tab for "Absolute Vodka glass" menu item.
Add the following line:
Item Name: "Absolute Vodka 100cl bottle"
Qty: 0.05
Note: you put 0.05 because it's 5cl/100cl = 0.05
In order words there are 20 glasses in one bottle. Or 1/20 = 0.05

Now you have to add 10 bottles of Vodka into stock.
You may see that there is Physical Inventory window where you can adjust quantities of stock. But you cannot do that for items "without purchase history". This is because two major attributes of stock: quantity AND cost. All further calculations and reports (for example, Profit Margin reports) are based on these attributes. You cannot calculate profit margin is cost of stock is zero.

Thus is order to add 10 bottles of Vodka to stock you should use menu Purchasing - Receive Vouchers.
You simply create a new receive voucher where you add a line:
Item Name: "Absolute Vodka 100cl bottle"
Qty: 10
after closing this receive voucher you will have 10 bottles of Vodka in the stock.

That's all needed to do.

Now you may sell "Absolute Vodka glass" menu item (0.05 will be diminished from 10 in stock).
Or you may sell "Absolute Vodka 100cl bottle" menu item (1 will be diminished from 10 in stock).

I hope it's clear now how to use inventory.

Kind regards,
Roman Vasin
Abacre Limited

Re: Cost Question

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:55 pm
by zadiboca
Hello, I have the same problem that simpson has. The cost of a glass is the same that the cost of a bottle. Was the problem solved??
Thanks a lot.

Re: Cost Question

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:31 pm
by zadiboca
Hello Roman, is there an answer for this problem???

Thank you.