Split Order- How to select more then 1 bill to split with

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Split Order- How to select more then 1 bill to split with

Post by thomas@twintech.info » Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:13 am

For example: Table 1 has 4 guests. All of them would like to split the order for each person. Can you make it possible to ad more bills to split the order with??
Today, you can only split 1-by-1, but if you could make it possible for the cashier to choose how many bills to split the order with, it would be very useful and time saving.

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Re: Split Order- How to select more then 1 bill to split with

Post by Abacre » Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:31 pm

We have Split Order and Divide Order commands.

You should use Split Order when a client wants to select items for which she wants to pay.
If you want to Split Order for 4 clients you have to make first split on original order.
For example you have original order # 1001. The resulting order will be # 1002 this order is for first customer.
Then you go back to original order # 1001 and you make the second split. The resulting order # 1003 will be for your second customer.
Then you make a third split to get the order # 1003 for third customer.
And remaining order (original) # 1001 will contain only items ordered by your 4th customer.
This is the way to do if the customers want to pay only for their items.

If customers want to pay equal parts for each order. You may use Divide Order command.
On Divide Order window you should set 4 to divide the order in 4 equals parts. Note: all items will be listed in each of the resulting 4 orders. For the total of each order will be 1/4th of original order.
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