Bill number instead of order number?

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Bill number instead of order number?

Post by saiprasad » Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:06 am


I was looking into various software for our new restaurant. We are already using a MS DOS based software for one of our restaurant and we want to upgrade it too. I have gone though Abacre restaurant software trial and I am very impressed, but I could not find the following features which I need very much.

1) Change/ Add shortcuts to various options. Say (Shortcut to go to Item code in the order tab etc)
2) Double clicking on the QTY of a Item in the order tab should allow me to edit its quantity.
3) In the Tables plan, show me occupation status (i.e free - No order yet / occupied -oder placed) may be with some color variation.
4) How to know the total for current day so far including the orders that are being served.
5) Display last login time for a user/admin - Just to make sure some one else has not logged in.
6) If a printer is not working /Paper Roll is over, Can we get a notification when we try to send further notifications to printer.
7) Finally the most important thing is we want bill numbers always to be serial numbers. As I could not find bill numbers in the present system, I thought order number to be equivalent to bill number. That is if I create an order (say order number:1290) and delete it after some time, now if I add a new order, it should get the order number as 1290.
As we need to submit these bills to tax department (India), and they will not accept bills that are out of order. Is there a way to serialize order numbers (excluding the deleted orders).
As it is very regular to cancel orders, its gonna cause a lot of problem if I use order number in place of bill number. It would be great if we have a option called bill number(please let me know if we already have).

Thank you,

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