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Service Charge from Gross Amount and NOT Nett Amount

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 1:43 am
by danny
Hello, my customer had a special request on the computation of the total amount. As usual say gross bill is US$100.00 and have a discount of 10% will get a nett amount of US$90.00.
Now the computation of service charge as usual say 10% will give a grand total of US$99.00.
Can he have an option so as the the service charge of 10% of the gross amount(100.00) instead of the nett amount(90.00) say 10% will be US$10.00 instead of US$9.00 and will give a grand total of US$90 + 10.00 = US$ 100.00.
If there is an option then he will be very pleased to have the software.