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Can software be personalized ?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:05 am
by PizzaMark
Anyone there at the developers ever work at a take out Pizza Shop

I loaded test version looking for better pos for my shop, can yours be personalized ?

Want the following

Order sequence wanted

Take Phone number
Have customer name and address appear with details of last order
Have ability to duplicate order

Then go to order screen

enter order including split topping on at least 5 different sizes of pizza
1/2 toppings
1/3 toppings
1/4 toppings

Have bill give total and total if delivered (+ delivery charges)

close order with the ability to have pick up or delivery at start or end of order

Is this possible or am I looking at the wrong POS system for me?

put up this post late Wednesday still no reply Friday night, think I'll look somewhere else