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Windows account troubles

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:32 am
by LL
I've reinstalled Abacre Restaurant Point of Sales on a new PC.
But I've installed it under a admin account (full rights), works flawless.
But when I open the application , in a windows account with less rights
e.g. guest account , all the items that I inserted in the program are gone.
It starts up like it's a first install , all products , prices , icons , etc are gone , accounts don't work ..... standard admin password is in use , all my Abacre pos accounts don't work , when im in a windows account with less rights.
Except when I'm working with the account on which it was installed , e.g.
admin account with full windows rights.
Then everything works again.
Which file on which location determins these settings , I can't find anything , not even hidden files ......
Some help on this issue would be appreciated , thanks in advance !!