notification printer wont print on 2nd computer

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notification printer wont print on 2nd computer

Post by kchiu » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:34 pm

Please Help!!

I have the following hardware below
i have 2 POS (Windows 10)
POS1 = Server Version 8.12
POS2 = Client Version 9.5
4 x IP kitchen printer installed and shared in POS 1
1 x Receipt Printer hardwired installed and shared in POS1

HERE IS THE PROBLEM in the Notification Printer section;
POS1 should have - PRINTER NAME in notification printer - it will print
POS2 when configured //POS1/PRINTER NAME/ - it will print once confiugred
but when you go back to POS1, it will now say //POS1/PRINTER NAME/ and it will no longer print.

this goes vice -versa. if i make the changes to POS 1, it will print but not with POS2. If i change POS2, it will print but POS1 will no longer print.
Everything was working fine not until after a windows update

thank you in advance for your reply.

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