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Suggestions for next update

Post by dion_eng » Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:16 pm

Hi Roman, I recently purchased the program and am satisfied with it. But some features added will help such as:

-Is it possible to have the categories pane as icons and the available menu items pane as a list separately? Whenever I have the two panes set up like this and when I switch to orders or table plan and go back to the new order screen, the categories pane switches to a list view. :?

-In the table plan screen, is it possible to color code or highlight the tables that are in use and also show which waitress/server is tending this table on its respective icon?

-Another feature that would help big time is making a custom report. It's good that you have all these reports already made for us but instead of choosing one, lets say, sales by categories and having to print a whole sheet for it and then choose collected sales tax (which really are the only two I need :) ) and to print another sheet, it's a lot of wasted paper when I can fit both onto one. Is there anyway for you guys to make it so that we can custom formulate the report printouts?

-For report printing, is there a way to have the page size and report data set up to print the sales out to a POS bill printer?

Thank you for reading my demands. I know some of it is minor and some might not seem feasible to implement but I'd really hope it can be done. :D

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