Menu Item Modifiers and Tips

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Menu Item Modifiers and Tips

Post by jeflynt » Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:59 pm

I have two questions.

How do I use the menu item modifiers? I've updated them. For instance, I have a menu item of "Smoothie". Under the modifier, I put the flavors, with the idea that when someone orders a smootie, I could then choose the flavor so that it shows on the order. Of course, the flavors are of no extra charge. I cannot find anywhere to pull up the available modifiers that I've added to each item.

My other question is about tips. For instance, tips will not be automatic, so I've turned the service charge option off. However, if someone makes a purchase of $10, and pays by credit card, and adds a $1.00 tip, for a total of $11, is there a way to designate the $1.00 as a tip for future tracking? It would be nice if when closing out an order one could input the tip amount left by the customer. That way I could track how much was made in tips for each server.

Any suggestions?

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Post by KevKha » Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:55 am

Hi There,

For your first question: Simply go to

Configuration -> Menu Items

select your Smoothie item then under Modifier Category select the Modifier you created and Save. You now see a Modifier popup window once you add this item to an order.

The above solution would take longer in the order process, instead I suggest to create a new category called Smoothies and list all your flavors as menu items with the same price.

I leave question #2 for Roman.

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