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Touch Screen alignment

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 9:56 am
by nhclay
I installed a new Dell E153FPT touchscreen. Rez is set to 1024x768. I rebooted after installing the software. Touch Screen in the Abacre config is enabled. I can't seem to get the touch point to match to the menu locations. Any ideas?

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 1:39 pm
by Abacre
Just to be clear:
What do you mean by "touch point"?
and what do you call "menu locations"? - available menu items on Order
window? which view type do you use - Icons?

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 2:15 pm
by nhclay
I'm using Icons.. On some menu items, If If touch one, the menu item one row up and icon position to the left is selected. NO catagory items come up when selected. wierd

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 4:25 pm
by Abacre
Try to modify some properties of your touch screen,
for example, sensitivity and precision.
In Windows - start Control Panel - Display - Settings
press Advanced button. So you have to increase touch precision.