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Bug found

Post by chilewillie » Tue Aug 23, 2005 2:42 am

I recently downloaded your software and began testing it out. So far I have found it to be a very robust, user friendly program. I did run across one bug that crops up when using a different language. In View/Orders, if I switch between languages, the column heading 'Table Code' disappears. The columns are still there, but the remaining headings to the right of the table code column are moved to the left so the headings no longer are above the correct column. When I close and restart the program, the 'Table Code' heading reappears until I switch languages again. The language feature is one of the reasons that I became interested in your software so I am hoping that this can be fixed in an updated version. Also, many English words appear to be unchangable as of now so I would also like to see a more complete switching capability. Thanks, and congrats on a find piece of software!

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Same Here

Post by KevKha » Wed Oct 12, 2005 5:31 pm


Any updates regarding these bugs?

1. Column heading in View->Orders
a. Table Code disappears when switching Languages, causing the remaing headings shifted to left (try it). In French, it shows only 3 headings
b. If you exit the program with any other Languages other than English, launch it again the headings are back but guess what? The headings default back in English.
2. Translation
a. Can you add "Language" and "Toolbars" to the .lng file so that we can translate them too? Also the word "Reports" in the toolbar did not get translated. There are many other words did not translate but we can live with it for now.
3. Labels in Preferences -> Taxes and Tips tab
Is it possible to have the labels fields in some of these tabs not being fixed? Some of our labels (text) are way longer than English and it chops a few words.

Thanks for the great program. Keep up the good works.

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