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Firebird database server for Version 5

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:31 am
by kokomos
One for the Technical Department: -

As the new release has been migrated to Firebird instead of using Microsoft Access, it would be useful to have some technical notes on the interfacing with Firebird.

We have setup extra queries/reports/forms etc.. that we used in our version of the Access dB. If we upgrade to version 5, then we will have some additional work to do. We could keep the existing setup in our Access dB and simply link to the new tables in Firebird.

We have our dB running on a standalone PC and then we have 3 workstations linked to it. We need to know what versions of Firebird shall we install on the server and workstations for this to work. We have also realised that we need to install the ODBC drivers for Firebird, so that Access can link to the Firebird Tables.

Any additional documentation regarding this would be useful to myself and others. It would also give us some degree of comfort, if we do decide to upgrade.