Can arpos display only the order menu?

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Can arpos display only the order menu?

Post by dalekander » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:07 am

I currenty use arpos for the cashier to do the ordering.
However, in the second floor i have an internet cafe where people can stay and use the computer to surf the internet.
The problem is, i want to install every single small program into every computers in my internet cafe so that every customer can order the menu in the computer that they currently using and connected to the arpos database as if the cashier order it through his/her arpos.

Can the arpos do it? Can i buy another few license but when it is installed, i just want the software to display only the ordering screen?
Or if in other case i need to build the small program myself, how can i open the arpos.mdb, so that i can view every single table that i need to access on.

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