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networking questions

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:10 pm
by FriendOfMine
Here is the process we want to use:
Waitress gets order from customer, goes to the POS terminal and enters the order. The last step of order entry is to click Print Notifications to send the order to the 2 printers (1 printer is for main kitchen and the other is for pizza). After the waitress takes the food to the table, they will go back and want to print the bill. This should do nothing but print the bill so the customer knows what to pay. The customer will then take the bill to the register who will take the money. The register should only have to find the bill in the system and click close order. Close Order will not print out another bill, it will only calculate money owed and open the cash drawer.
We will be using 2 workstations so I am testing the process now. I configured the first workstation with 3 printers (receipt, kitchen, and pizza). Everything prints correctly.
1. When I setup the 2nd workstation, how do I copy all of the same settings over from the first one (display logo, bill print defaults…).
2. I setup the 3 printers like I did not workstation 1 but everything prints to receipt2 printer (not kitchen & pizza). How do I setup the software to print all receipts requested from workstation 2 on receipt2 printer and workstation1 on receipt?
3. I assume I need to purchase 2 licenses for these 2 workstations?
I am installing this system for a friend of mine and the 30 day trail has expired on my laptop. I am creating all of the menu items and I would like to finish doing so on my laptop. Can I purchase the software, register it on my laptop, complete the install, and then transfer it to the workstations at the restaurant?