Regular expression is NOT working...

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Regular expression is NOT working...

Post by s_bastian »

I must process a text to "real escape" it for use in a mysql database. I must replace "real" returns and new lines with the carachters "\n".
On a text like this

I replace "\r\n" with "\\n" (escaping the "\n" with an extra "\", but instead of "one\ntwo" all I get is "onentwo".
Any clue?


Post by s_bastian »

Forgot to mention that this happens also if I work wit ANY regular, eg, if on 'one' I want to change the ' character with \' it just stays 'one' instyead of \'one\' .......

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Post by Abacre »

Hi Stefano,

It's corrected now.

Please download latest beta version of the program:

This is only updated EXE file. You need to extract executable file from
zip archive into folder where the program is installed. So you will
replace old executable file by this new one.

Tell me does it work now?

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