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Suggestion on how to replace

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 11:14 pm
by anmldr
I have a lot of lines on pages like this:
<p>§&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="mywebpage.htm">Treatment</a></p>
<p>§&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="yourwebpage.htm">Another Treatment</a></p>
I want to change it to this
<tr><td><font><a href="mywebpage.htm">Treatment</a></font></td></tr>
and this
<tr><td><font><a href="yourwebpage.htm">Another Treatment</a></font></td></tr>
The first part "
" is easy to replace with "
" since this is unique.

The problem is that there are other lines that also end with "
" and I don't want to replace then with "

Any suggestions?