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File size limit?

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 11:55 pm
by mrbill
Is there a known file size limit for Batch Replace jobs?
Using a valid mask (even *.*) on files over ~25MB or so will exit with "Found 0 files". Files under 25MB are processed with no problem. Is this a limit of the demo or does the licensed version have this issue also?

Thanks for your response,

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 7:10 am
by Abacre
There is no limit. Program may easily process 100MB files and more.
Do you use regular expressions on Batch replace or do you do just
literal (string) replace?
Please verify that you large files are not read-only. And that they
are not exclusively used by other programs on the moment you try to
Batch Replace them.

In fact one note: currently program loads whole file into RAM memory.
Then it processes the file. In the next version of the program we will
implement line-by-line mode when only portion of file will be taken
into memory.

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:02 pm
by mrbill
Thanks for your response,
I am using Batch Replace with literal replacements. The files are not read-only and have no locks on them. The issue is consistently reproduced with modifications to a single file.

The file is an xml listing of data that I have to change around like:

<col1>Attribute 1</col1>

such that I end up with
<nameofCol1>Attribute 1</nameofCol1>
<nameofCol2>Attribute 2</nameofCol2>
<nameofCol3>Attribute 3</nameofCol3>

So, the larger file just has more <row> entries. The replace operations are the same for files of any size (taking <col1> and replacing w/ the name of that column). When the original file failed to process I deleted about half of the <row>s and then the batch replace found the file & did the work. When the original file was used (~50MB), it was not found. I cut it in ~half and found a limit of processing around 25MB.

The machine running the program has 2GB of RAM.
Hope this helps,