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Import Values from File

Post by zezaomachado » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:08 am

Is there a way to import values from a file filling both 'search for' and 'replace with' columns, and not filling only the first column('search for') in the case?
That would be awesome to my work here with free games translations.
Ex: I elaborate a file in *.txt, *.csv. *.xls or *.tsv file with two columns:

Search For Replace With
Painted Warriors Guerreiros Pintados
Parthian Foot Archers Arqueiros Desmontados Partas
Parthian Horse Archers Cavalaria Arqueira Parta

But when I'm run the command to import from file, it fills only the first column.

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Re: Import Values from File

Post by zezaomachado » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:47 pm

Hi, there folks!
I found something! Looks like the solution to my quest.

To fill both columns 'find what' and 'replace with' when importing from file.
In my case here in Brazil tranlating the Total War: RomeII Emperor Edition.

Batch Replace - Masks= *.html;*.tsv;*.txt - Whole words only - Search in subfolders :
Horse Archers,Cavalaria Arqueira
Horse Skirmishers,Cavalaria Combatente
Indian War Elephants,Elefantes de Guerra Indianos
Italian Cavalry,Cavalaria Italiana

"ALERT":- My files are in UTF-8(Without Bom) so, I CAN NOT USE it with words or sentences that in the results of the translation would need the special chars of my language, I mean the ones: ´, `, ^, ~, ç.
'Cause' doing so will cause a mess in the files plus the fact the will change the original file in code UTF-8(Without Bom) to ANSI code.
I'VE SOLVED THAT TOO, SEE MY OTHER POST AT: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2434
Hope it helps... whatever!!!
See you soon,

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