remove everything before/after certain phrase

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remove everything before/after certain phrase

Post by ogmb » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:03 pm

self explanatory really. i got:

blah blah blah some text blah blah blah

need to get rid of all the "blahs"
those "blahs" are irregular expressions
so is "some text" BTW

thanks in advance!

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Re: remove everything before/after certain phrase

Post by zezaomachado » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:35 pm

Sorry If I'm telling you, but if the file is not so big, try to find whatever it be in common before and after of you want.
Then put a delimeter of -> (TAB) before and after consequently and save it. Then open it in the Excell, probably what you want will be in a separate column. Just copy it and save in the text format you want. I use to do this with Notepad++.
"ALERT": If the text forma of your file is in any than ANSI code, the Excell will change it. So, I use to backup first, then convert to ANSI, then open with Excell, copy and save in the Notepad++. Then its ease to convert back again to UTF-8, UTF-*(Without BOM)...and so on.
Hope it Helps.
I'm looking for a program that find just the contents of the string and not the whole line or paragraph.
If you come across with something like that, please le me know.

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