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text replacement

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:12 pm
by Cruel.Puppet
i have a slew of text files that i need to delete a certain area from multiple line in each file. basically what i did was dir /s > filename and I need to save in each line is at a certain position. it looks like this

24-Jan-14 07:54 PM <DIR> .
24-Jan-14 07:54 PM <DIR> ..
13-Jan-14 12:05 PM <DIR> Jason
08-Aug-13 05:39 PM <DIR> Pad-Type (Elongated)
08-Aug-13 05:40 PM <DIR> Rectangular
13-Jan-14 12:05 PM <DIR> Seemingly from phone
08-Aug-13 05:36 PM <DIR> Upright Rectancular

I need everything from < here over removed. since each date and time are diffferent for each folder it's impossible to do unless i have a wildcard or if there is a way to replace characters to a certain point. can anyone help me with my dilemma? I'd surely appreciate it.