Newbie Needs help

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T Reed
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Newbie Needs help

Post by T Reed » Mon Sep 05, 2005 1:44 am

I have got a script that the instructions say to use Advance Find And Replace program to replace 2 file names. As follows

Getting Started:

Advance Find And Replace

You will need to use the text Find And Replace program to replace 2 file names. I have provided the shareware version of Advanced Find And Replace. This program will work fully functional for 21 days. This procedure only takes a minute or two so this should give you plenty of time .

Replace: with your actual domain name with your actual email address

Text to find

Replace with

After this is done you are ready to start uploading the folders to your web server.

I can get Advance Find And Replace to find the text in the files, but it does not replace the text.
When I go to replace the text I get
Source Text Found in File ---------Would You Like To Process It?
I push Yes To All
And it comes back Found 0 Files

Tried a few things nothing

Need help

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