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Replacing "x" with "x \index{x}" for multiple x Problem

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:07 pm
by rendsvig

I'm setting up books in .tex, and doint that I often have to generate indexes, meaning that for some string of letters, "x", I have to replace them with "x\index{x}". Here "x" is a word, and of course I need to replace words starting with capitol letters with words starting with capitol letters, and that is no problem -- unfortunately, the words may also be followed by a space, a full stop, a comma etc., and this is where my problems begin. To give an example, say x is the word "test" in the text


and I would like to replace "test" with "test\index{test}" and "Test" with "Test\index{test}", but if I add these as entries in the batch replace option, I get


which is no wonder, but not what I wanted.

I can fix this by taking my strings to be "Test " and "test " (that is, I add a space to the end of the string), but then I wont get "test" replaced in "So the program passed the test." Hence, I'll have to add for every word I wish to change both version with capitol letters, but also versions for every possible sign after, i.e., comma, full stop, space etc.

Is there any way to get around this?