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Insert base64 encoded file into xml

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:15 pm
by ukraul
I am new to afr and want to solve the following problem:

I have a lot of xml files for calling a restful service where i have to insert a base64 encoded filecontent. i need to call afr from an automation task process. The xml-file has a tag with ###ENCODED_FILE###, but could also be named 'FINDSTRING'. The name of the
xml-file is '123.xml' and the filename/the complete contents to be inserted is '123.enc' (approx. 500KB - 1 MB)
Is this possible?
2. From a resulting xml ('123.xml') file i have to search for 2 tags:
and write the number into a result file called '123.result' in the form of
fixed text=number1 and fixed text=number2

is this also possible? Thanks for your help!

best regards uwe