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Price Schedule

Abacre Cash Register allows to create complex price schedules based on date, time and days of week.

Setup instructions:

  1. Go to Price Schedule tab located on Items window.
  2. Check "Use Price Schedule" option.
  3. Press Add button to add a new price schedule.

Different scenarios as possible, for example,

  • Schedule price for Saturday and Sunday (any date and any time).
  • Schedule price Friday from 7 PM until 22 PM.
  • Schedule price for any day of week from 1 PM until 3 PM.
  • Schedule price for Christmas time for example, from December 20 until January 5.

If no schedule found for item, then default price from General tab is used.

To setup any date put empty string into From Date and To Date.

To setup any time put empty string into From Time and To Time.

Note 1: If you want to setup one "From" Date/Time then it should have corresponding "To" Date/Time. For example, you cannot specify From Date without specifying To Date.

Note 2: Price Schedule feature is available only in Professional License.

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