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How to use Abacre Cash Register in network?

Five steps to setup ACR in your business's network:

1. Know your DB file name.

Please lookup which database file do you use: start ACR and in Login window you should press [More] button. In path to DB you will find file name of your DB. Normally it's acr.fdb or acr-test.fdb.

By default DB file located in the folder: \My Documents\Abacre Cash Register 5\

2. Decide which computer will be your Firebird database server

You may install Firebird database on one of your POS computers or you can use a separate computer for Firebird's installation.

3. Download and install Firebird server.

  1. Download Firebird database server from this location.
  2. Run setup.exe file from zip archive.
  3. Always press Next button during installation.
  4. On the last installation window press Finish button.

That's all. Firebird database server will be automatically up and running.

4. Create a folder for DB file.

We recommend you to create a new folder on your computer running Firebird server. Place there DB file. For example you may create C:\ACR\ folder. If you use acr.fdb as DB file, move it into C:\ACR\ folder.

5. Specify location to DB file in ACR.

Start ACR on each computer:

  1. On Login window press More button.
  2. Specify Path To Database field, For example, C:\ACR\acr.fdb
  3. Select Remote as Server Type.
  4. Set Server Name: if Firebird is installed in your local network then Server Name may be network name of your computer, for example, MyComputerName; otherwise put IP address of computer running Firebird. Ask your system administrator for details.

Note: You must use full path to database file on server. If you use relative path, for example, just acr.fdb, you will get error with code 902 (database file not found).

6. Setup other computers in the network.

Start ACR on all other computers in network. On Login window repeat only the step 5.

Still need help? Purchase at least two licenses and we will help you to setup networking using remote administration software (by connecting to your computers remotely and doing all needed configuration free of any additional charge).

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