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Getting started

Welcome to using Abacre Cash Register!

This Quick Start Guide is intended to help you get started with Abacre Cash Register. If you don't like reading manuals, or don't want to use all features of Abacre Cash Register, or just want to give Abacre Cash Register a test run, this is a good place to start.

Here you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to use Abacre Cash Register to achieve a simple (and, probably, most common) goal: how to create and manage new orders. After you have performed the steps described below, you will be able to create your first order without using all features of Abacre Cash Register.

Step-by-step using:

  1. Now you need to add new items to your menu list. Click Configuration -> Items. Each menu item in Abacre Cash Register has it's own name, price, note and status. Name is a short description of the item, for example "ice-cream". Price is a price of the item without currency sign, for example "1,39". Note is a full description of the item, for example "Nestle,with hazelnuts, Weight: 125g". Status is a current status of the item, it can be available or inaccessible. To add a menu item click Add button or use Insert key on your keyboard. Enter menu item's attributes and click Ok button. New menu item will be added to the list of all existing items.
  2. That's all! Now you can create your first order by clicking Action -> New order or clicking New order button on toolbar. Order window will appear. Choose the table you've been created from the list of all existing tables. From the menu of all available items choose that you want to add to the current order and click Add to Order button. Chosen item will be added to the order. You can add as many items to the order as you need. You can remove item from the order by clicking Remove Item button. Click Print Bill button to print the bill when you've finished creating an order. To close the order click Close Order button.

If you need more examples or just want to try to make some experiments you can use Abacre Cash Register test database with sample data. For more information about setting test base as a current working base see test run section.

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