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I turned on ACR on computer at home how can I transfer settings and data on computer at work (business)?

It's a very common case when users create items, categories, tables and other settings at home and then they transfer these settings and data on to computer at work (restaurant's computer).

This transfer is quite easy: all information is recorded in database files (*.fdb) and configuration files (*.cfg).

Therefore the transfer procedure is quite simple:

  1. On computer at home go to the following directory:
    \My Documents\Abacre Cash Register 5\
  2. Copy *.fdb and *.cfg files.
  3. Install Abacre Cash Register on computer at work.
  4. On computer at work go to the installation folder:
    \My Documents\Abacre Cash Register 5\
  5. Put there copied *.fdb and *.cfg files.
  6. Windows will ask you to override existing files. Click [Yes] button.
  7. Start Abacre Cash Register on your computer at work.
  8. Check again the hardware settings:
    Go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration Printer and verify that right printer is selected. Verify also Pole (Line Display) and Cash Drawer.

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