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Creating new restore profiles

For restoring backup data you need to create a new restore profile.
Click Profile -> New profile or simply click New profile button on toolbar.

New profile type window will appear. Now define profile name then choose Restore option and click Next button.

Source files window will appear. Now you need to define a path where your backup files were stored. It can be File system (fixed or removable drives on your computer) or FTP site (Note: to access FTP site you need to know it's host, user name, password). Click Next button to proceed.

Schedule window will appear. Click here for more information about scheduling. Click Next button to proceed.

Destination path window will appear. Click Browse button and choose a folder where restored files will be stored. Click Next button to finish creating Restore profile.

That's all! Now you can start backup process by selecting your added profile from the list of all existing profiles and clicking Profile -> Execute profile or clicking Execute button on toolbar.

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