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General options

Action on Virus Found event: define which action do you want to do when scanner or shield found a virus: Display dialog asking for action - display dialog with buttons: Remove, Skip.

Remove virus automatically automatically removes the virus without asking (without displaying dialog window).

Automatically check for updates
Check for updates every N days: specify do you want to make antivirus automatically check for updates.

Note: when registered the program will check and download updates during one year. After that time you should purchase another license for the next year.


Profile used in Shield: specify the profile name which will be used in Shield. For example if you choose the profile that only checks memory and system registry than when you start Shield it will only check memory and system registry.

Autorun Shield with Windows startup: check ON the option if you would like to start Abacre Antivirus Shield with every windows startup.


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What people are saying:
"Detected a virus Norton missed"
I downloaded this software today and ran it and it flagged the w32.gaobot.zx virus that Norton missed on a previous scan. This is after I updated the virus definitions through Norton LiveUpdate. This program is faster, stronger, and less burdensome on my PC than Norton. I'm not going to make a full switch over to this, but it's good to have around for a reliable, quick additional scan. Well done.

Comment from a user of download.com