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Installing and Uninstalling


To install Abacre Antivirus run setup.exe and follow Setup wizard on-screen instructions.


To correctly remove AAV from your computer, choose Start - Programs Abacre Antivirus - Uninstall. Or, if this command is not present on the menu, open Control Panel, and use its Add/Remove Programs command to uninstall AAV.
Note: If you have set up the Administrator's password, you will be prompted for this password to continue. You may also be prompted to restart Windows before the uninstallation can be continued.

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What people are saying:
"Detected a virus Norton missed"
I downloaded this software today and ran it and it flagged the w32.gaobot.zx virus that Norton missed on a previous scan. This is after I updated the virus definitions through Norton LiveUpdate. This program is faster, stronger, and less burdensome on my PC than Norton. I'm not going to make a full switch over to this, but it's good to have around for a reliable, quick additional scan. Well done.

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