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The Sites tab contains a list of sites and details for each site.

We use the word 'site' to identify your web site. For instance, if you have 3 sites:

Then you can use our analyzer to create reports for each of these sites.

To set up your own site you need to press the upper-left button labeled 'New site' on the 'sites list.'
This will bring up a Wizard that can help you to create a site configuration for Advanced Log Analyzer.

The most important parameters for site are:
 - Name. It can be any string identifying your site. For instance, AAA.
 - Log Format. Our analyzer can be configured to analyze any log format. Normally you should press the 'Recognize' button on the right of 'log format name', and it will automatically recognize your log format. Please read our FAQ that explain most typical cases, and if your log format was not recognized drop us an email:support@abacre.com
 - Log Path. This is a full path to your log file or directory containing multiple log files. For instance, C:\Webserver\LOGS\ex0202.log indicates a specific log file, whereas if you wish to analyze several log files, use a mask like:  C:\Webserver\LOGS\*.log  You can even use *.* if you are working with Apache log files. And you may specify several log files or dirs separated by ;. For example:
Advanced parameters for 'site' are:

 - Output Dir. Our log analyzer produces reports in HTML format. 'Output Dir' is a folder where the reports will be placed.
 - Report File. By default each site has the same list of reports. If you want to create a custom list of reports for your site, copy the report.ini file and rename it as  yoursitereports.ini Then use the Report File parameter to specify the full path to the yoursitereports.ini file.
 - Filters. To add custom site filters, for example, to skip analyzing of your own IP address etc., read more about filters here.

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