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Quick start console/CGI version

This is a quick start page. It will help you learn how to run our program in console mode.
The GUI application has a very easy to use interface and doesn't require you to read the configuration notes below.
If you want to learn how to use the GUI version, please, read here.

Right after installation of the analyzer you can start the application file ala.exe.
It will analyze a sample log file ex0012.log (cut down version of our log - www.abacre.com).
After that it will display the results of the analysis in your default web browser.

After exploring the program and the list of reports, you can try an analysis of your own site.
Normally you will need to make some additional settings in configuration files.

You need to take the following steps:
- Add the new web site in the websites.ini file.
- Define its log format, paths to log files and output directory.
- In main.ini file enter name of your site for the default_site parameter.
- Start the ala.exe program.
To evaluate the program on your web server as a CGI application you need to get a free evaluation key from our site.
Use as a console application does not require an evaluation key.

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