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Is it possible to automatically upload on a server the results of the analysis?

Now it's not possible directly in program. But we have separate product that is called: Abacre Web Site Uploader. This product is full-featured ftp upload client specially designed to for upload tasks of any complexity.

For example, in ALA you use c:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\ala_out as output folder on reports. Then in Abacre Web Site Uploader you create new profile and define c:\Program Files\Advanced Log Analyzer\ala_out as Local web site path. In remote web server you may create new folder, for example, www.yourcompany.com/stats/ and set /stats/ as remote paths for this folder.

Normally ALA and AWSU both should the used in scheduled mode and therefore they would work automatically.

Maybe in future version of ALA we will implement some support of basic reports uploading on remote web site.

Currently we have some small issues in AWSU with schedule. They will be fixed next week. I will let you know by email then.

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