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How to measure accuracy of results?

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Log Analyzer. Some people from time to time ask about accuracy of log analyzer. There are slight differences results which produced by different log analyzers.

For example visitors hits per day report. Definition of visitor is very different in different log analyzers. It comes as a standard that visitor is person with the same IP address that visited site without less then 30 minutes interruption. If user is behind proxy, than its IP is changing from time to time. In terms of log analysis it means that where several visitors. Furthermore, not all analyzers takes 30 minutes interval. Some take 40-60 minutes. It means that "simple" report - number of visitors per day may display different numbers in different analyzers. Calculations of hits of pages and image files are more accurate.

If you want to get accuracy of Advanced Log Analyzer, we suggest you to do the following:

Open your log file in text editor supporting large log files. For example we use http://www.EditPlus.com Then create new text file and copy 200-300 lines from your source log file into this log file. Save it. In Advanced Log Analyzer point log path to this small log file. After that press Analyze button to produce results for this small file.

Next step - calculate results manually in the file. For example, you may count total number of web pages ( HTM, HTML, ASP, JSP etc). This number will give total number of hits per day/week/month. Or calculate number of visitors using 30 minutes interval. Then compare manually calculated results and results from Advanced Log Analyzers.

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